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Regenerative Revolution Talk April 2020

I was honored to be a speaker at this Regenerative Revolution Spring Talk hosted Online by Tribe Green Rising.

Mandy Magill, Founder Tribe Green Rising
Tiff Willson of Roomhints @12:55
Natalie Levy of She’s Independent @22:54
Dr. Soyona Rafatjah of Prime Health Denver @30:30
Lance Hanson of Jack Rabbit Hill Farm @42:30
Annie Sicard and Stephen Smith of Onda Wellness @56:20
Kerry Flickner of Blue Terra Waste Solutions @1:10

How has COVID affected your biz/org, what challenges have you overcome, and what adaptations are you implementing?

Roomhints is an online marketplace for remodeling professionals to connect with sustainable building supply. Such as, sustainable wood floor, eco – friendly paint, recycled steel and more. 

During this time our business has been slow, people are spending more time at home but the supply chain is not sufficient. Factories are producing goods at half capacity, clients are reluctant to have a delivery person in their home, and  hospitality clients/interior designers and developers, businesses have been put on hold.

To adapt to these changes we have created more local connections between professionals and suppliers. 

We are continuing to see the increased need to bring the buying process more local. Similar to regenerative food and farms, the demand cannot meet with the supply. To increase supply of goods we have started a “scraps/re purposing marketplace” within Roomhints. 

Second, we have built tools online, 3D and virtual reality to enable our clients to communicate with their partners similar to the way it is done on the job site in real time. 

What do you see as the positive lessons we are learning right now? What potential for positive change do you see?

Running a technology startup is all about bringing new ideas and innovation to the forefront. The hardest part about building new ideas is changing consumers behaviors. We are a species that refuses to believe that the only constant is change. Adapting to new technology, software, and in general a new routine, pushes us outside of our comfort zone and not many of us like to be in this place. 

This pandemic has placed us a full 2 decades ahead, as it has, become a necessity to adapt and change within this time. The whole supply chain has been disrupted and we see that the way we obtain resources before is inefficient and not effective during this time. 

It has forced rapid change in behaviors because there original behaviors are not possible or present. 

We can see this clearly by how many elders/schools/corporations are now using and understanding such platforms as Zoom. 

For example, my whole family was on a zoom call – they were open, they wanted to be apart of that event, so they learned the tool they needed to be present at family Zoom Easter.  

Family Zoom Call

Peoples behaviors are changing rapidly right now and this is an opportunity to influence those behaviors with the positive change we want to see. 

In addition, the local providers can react and respond far more quickly and effectively. 

How do you see this informing and transforming our future for the better? What are your thoughts around the possibility of a global paradigm shift toward Regeneration / Regenerative Agriculture / Localizing food, etc.?

Sales for these local food  have increased from anywhere from 300% to 1000%. In the last 6 weeks, 32% of all Americans have ordered food online. Out of that 32% , 28% are first timers, 82% ordered meat. 42% said they will continue to buy food this way after the pandemic ceases. 

Therefore, right now is an opportune time for the behaviors that we want to see in the future such as regenerative remodeling to be adopted. 

For Roomhints, be localize and more community connected – create a network to connect excess supply from one jobs site to be re used at another. 

In addition, the investors may see the big picture of how important this sector, localizing food will be and how prosperous this will be in the future. Investment funds see this as the emerging opportunity and they want to invest significant dollars into building regenerative agriculture. 

Tiff Willson

Tiff Willson is a technology entrepreneur, investor and keynote speaker. Today she is the founder of the #1 platform for sustainable interior design

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